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16.09.2010, 13:34 quote


Hi all,

I just went to see a dear friend of mine last night,and i found her drowning in her own tears. We all thought she was dating the most incredible man ever!
Just 2 days ago she found the bustard in bed with another woman and all he could say was " you should have called me before coming to my apartment".
I really thought he really loved her,and would never do such a thing to her. They have been together for 5years, he was so sweet, romantic, kind....etc..I actually believed that a man could love.....but boy was i wrong.
I guess a man will always be a man!


17.09.2010, 08:55 quote


Oh wow!

I must say thank you to you all, really, my friend is a mess right now, but to be honest i had nothing to say to her cos am scared of dating!
I WAS HURT ONCE! and that is a feeling i don't ever want to feel ever!
But with what you guys have said, i will take some and leave some, and am sure when i add my own word with yours maybe i can make her feel better.
and about that commitment part, he gave her the keys to his apartment,which is also i kind of commitment i think.
I have chosen to stay of of a relationship cos am a strong beautiful woman, independent and i have friend with benefits, when i want some i get some, i have fun when i want to, i think this is working for me!
but i just can't tell her that she just move on and be like me, i mean really! that's crazy, what is working for me can't always work for the next person.
But thanks a lot! at list i will have something to tell her today just to give her hope and something to look forward to the next day.


17.09.2010, 09:48 quote


Sad to hear and probably you are in shock and feeling hurt.
Fortunately like most users here have said ,there are an untold number of decent genuine men out there ,and the same still goes for women. Any human being with a heart is capable of loving and loving again and again. I think the issue here is you probably took him for granted,opened up too much and let your guards down,which isnt a crime,but one has to be weary these days ,we all need some one to love and to be loved by,but it might be different from someone giving you good lovin ,lol


18.09.2010, 23:10 quote


No point crying over split man milk! ;0) He sounds like an absolute time wasting, user, scumbag!


19.09.2010, 11:09 quote


katecarney wrote:
My attitude is that if they don't see your value, they're not worth your tears and regret, whether you're male or female. Good for recovery, that one

Sometimes men, and women (yes, I've done it myself in the past), don't know how to say 'it's not working', or simply don't have the courage to end things, because the partner is very dependent. So they do something awful on impulse, knowing they'll be discovered. I doubt he's been consistently unfaithful to her during the past five years. Men have just as much integrity as women. It's just got by a different route.

(lol at your sig, whysoserious1983)

With reference to the above, if you read the post topic, this lady has obviously been hurt by this man and she doesn't deserve his treatment as she seems like a good decent person, unlike you! It has nothing to do with the fact that people should accept other peoples bad behaviour because they have mental problems. She needs to move on and kick this scumbag in the gutter where he belongs to sort out his own issues! :0)


19.09.2010, 11:47 quote


OK OK, delete the 'unlike you' bit! I was feeling angry.


19.09.2010, 14:55 quote


I didn't misunderstand what was said so yes I got angry, she was trying to make it sound normal for what he had done! He or anyone that commits adultery to end a relationship does not deserve that type of recognition because it makes it easier for them to move on. As far as I'm concerned they can all go f**k themselves! excuse the language..getting

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