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18.01.2008, 21:54 quote


diary forgot the date that mjt is posing

If I could remember that date I would...


18.01.2008, 22:01 quote


not miss that for the world!

My main aim in life is....


18.01.2008, 22:05 quote


tell him to stop being invisible cos I cannot find him again.

If I was an alien I would be....


18.01.2008, 22:15 quote


someone that looks like me

The truth about aliens is...


18.01.2008, 22:51 quote


sailors outfit!

If I was a special power i would be...


03.04.2008, 19:03 quote


...goat to get my 'special' milk?

And the Lord said unto him........


05.04.2008, 19:00 quote


love, but changing breed is just a field's walk away!

I am a nice guy really, but.....


05.04.2008, 19:47 quote


...not like it up the bottom?

I know that Baggie really wants....


12.04.2008, 00:33 quote


........Mars, I got travel sick in the spaceship.

Tomorrow will bring........


12.04.2008, 00:41 quote


If I close my eyes real hard I a gurneying competition.

Never look down when......

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