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15.01.2008, 23:11 quote


a week in my dads nursing home

i believe in


15.01.2008, 23:13 quote


good things come to those that wait.

My favourite food is...


15.01.2008, 23:15 quote


steak mushrooms onions and chips

I'd like to send a pm to Razz


15.01.2008, 23:18 quote


someone who needs cheering up

What makes me laugh is ....


15.01.2008, 23:26 quote


someone falling on their arse when drunk heehee

tonight i will


16.01.2008, 15:01 quote


be rushing around trying to get things done.

I wish I had time to ....


18.01.2008, 19:11 quote


count my millions

I always have to ....


18.01.2008, 19:17 quote


gin and tonic went together!

My favourite music is...


18.01.2008, 19:33 quote


with my eyes shut you never know who you will get!

If I could have a dream date it would be....


18.01.2008, 21:01 quote


...use the word to the right amount of times while drinking.

If I had to marry somebody tonight, it would be...

(And if Jo says Hugh Jackman UT )


18.01.2008, 21:07 quote


what will happen tomorrow

If tomorrow could be perfect t would be ...


18.01.2008, 21:08 quote


...what could be, instead of what is.

If I had three wishes, my first one would be...


18.01.2008, 21:47 quote

Anonymous be Hugh Jackman Laughing

My thrid wish would be...


18.01.2008, 21:52 quote


would of imagined MJT and Baggie in a cage but hey!

Tomorrow morning I would love to.....


18.01.2008, 21:53 quote

Anonymous and train ticket Laughing

Theres a hole in my...

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