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I had my son when I was 16, I'm 17 now so I'm still looking to date but I only get chauvinistic, arrogant guys who dive straight for the cleavage! I'd at least expect an invite to go out somewhere or a decent conversation first lol! Honestly, do you see young mums as easy to get?


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Sadly, many young single mums have got the reputation for being on the lookout for a father for their next baby, many kids by different fathers means a good earner from the welfare state. Guys see them as little more than baby factories and yes, most of them are easy.

To be honest, you are going to find it difficult to break that attitude towards young single mums. You may also find it difficult to find a guy close to your age willing to commit and settle down. I was in my mid 20's before I even considered settling down. Chauvinism and arrogance is a phase many guys go through shortly after leaving school and it lasts for a few years until they grow up and see the world for real. Getting dumped for it a few times is usually a wake up call for them.

You probably didn't want to hear that but better that you hear it now than learn it the hard way later. There are many guys who will leave you despite you being pregnant just to avoid the commitment and that would be a tragedy. I knew more than one girl back in my youth that I would have died for, left with stone cold hearts due to being dumped when they were pregnant.


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It's so annoying!
I'm literally just looking for someone to have fun and go on dates with, the thought of another child
is terrifying haha!
I think people need to realise that not all teen mums are Vicky Pollard-esque!


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As MakoMW said. You may find someone but it will take a bit of searching. A test for their intentions is to avoid the bedroom olympics for a fair amount of time until you are sure it's not all they are after. Just see how long they can hold out with dating alone.

The hardest part is not getting too attached until you're sure and not just giving him what he wants thinking he'll stick around. If he truly loves you, he'll stick around no matter how long it takes before you give in.

Good luck.


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Ok this is probably going to sounds odd. But i'm 18 and i do agree with makowow i don't think that singke mums are easy to get they have a hard time already brnging up kids on thier own, they don't need males who leave at the first sign of commitments. Any male who leaves thier partner is scum but if they leave thier partner when she is pregnant and at her most vulnerable they are worse than scum. Razz


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That is a very valid point. Both genders are equally at fault. The government should do what china has done 1 child per family. That way child care may or may not be so expensive.

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