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05.06.2012, 11:35 quote


my taste in women is fairly varied, and maybe i am not as critical as some, but a lot of gorgeous girls and women are rated as low as 4?!

come on guys, some of them are blatant 7s and higher Smile

just my thoughts guys...


05.06.2012, 13:02 quote


i'll admit, a lot of women say that personality is more important, and we had good conversation until my pictures were validated then they went silent lol

but a gorgeous woman is a gorgeous woman!

c'est la vie...


29.06.2012, 14:35 quote


It depends on what they are rating the person on. I find "breasts in your face" sexy poses a turn off and would rate someone lower on that alone, it says to me that they would constantly be seeking attention if not from you, then from someone else.

Others who have a pic of just their face and nothing else would rate lower in my book, (it often means they are self conscious about their figure).

For avatars, it's different as far as just the face goes, but for profile pics, how you present yourself goes a long way to how others see you.

I would personally rate the same girl a lot higher if she wore a reasonable skirt and blouse than if she was in a mini skirt and low cut top. To me, the first says "I am ready to settle down," and the second says, " I am just playing the field."


30.06.2012, 10:55 quote


littlevixen wrote:
after all wgaf about votes anyway Wink

True. Anyone with enough confidence in themselves wouldn't care what others thought of them. However, if they really are good looking then it's probably not a good idea to feed their ego any more.

I would say those who put their pictures up for rating come from opposite ends of the scale. At one end is the egotistical type who wants everyone to know how good they look and the other is the very self conscious trying to get a confidence boost. Most of those in the middle don't care one way or the other what you think.

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