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03.07.2006, 22:05 quote


Has anyone tried Keo from Cyprus? God i wish they would import that stuff. Best lager going i think. As with the question asked lol, i think we would all be lying if we say we dont go for looks to a certain degree but thats an each to their own point of view. Of course i'm a bloke and do luv girls boobies. Depends on the type of girl as well. If she just wants love with no ties, that can be arranged, but if it's a girl with a warm personality and heart, she will get nothing but respect from me. love then is just a bonus for me. As for you, if you don't mind me saying so, you have a very pretty face, the type that says you are a warm and bubbly person who cares and maybe puts others before yourself.
Now i gotta ask, how close am i lol


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Thats all i ever drank when in Cyprus for 2 whole weeks, well apart from a night out when it was champagne shots and cocktails (lethal, trust me)lol Can you get tiger beer over here then and if so where can you get it from? Always up for trying something new lol


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I wasn't aware this thread is about Beer..?


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I don't suppose you could remind me what the subject was could you lol


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"What are males looking for in females?"


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sorry hon, we did get a little distracted didn't we lol. Like i said before, it's an each to there own opinion really but charactor and personality are the most important thing depending on the type of personality you are looking for. It also depends what 2 people want to share together. If it's a 1night stand, i think looks and an imediate chemistry has to be there. If your looking at a long term basis, i personally go for the heart and look for someone who is caring, sensitive, affectionate, doesn't just care about themself (like my ex) and fun to be around. At that stage, i don't go for looks at all as there is so much more to love than just being good looking


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Cheers for that. Am off shopping in a mo i think lol. Na i didn't try that. After Keo, it was vodka & red bull and flaming sambuka. Didn't need much else lol. Will definately go there again but on my own or with some mates this time and have a proper holiday and a laugh


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It was coral bay i stayed at, place called aqua sol village. I didn't really get to see the island cause of the people (my ex's family) i went with. Not sure when i can afford to go back but will be one day without a doubt. Sounds like you enjoy a good chin wag like me so if you do ever wanna chat off of here, my msn address is Nice chatting to ya mate and al the best for the future


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Not a problem matey lol. I didn't want to annoy the young lady by going on about it. It's nice for a girl to make an effort but also someone like you say that can have a laugh getting her hands dirty as well. Good comment mate and very true


08.07.2007, 18:12 quote


The first quality is just being able to get on with the woman in question. They have to hold my interest. It's always this or a quirky look that grabs me. Sometimes I am lucky and it is a mix of both. I know that is vague, but it has to be, otherwise I would be writing a very long about it.

Everything else is optional beyond that, I'm very easy to get and keep for the right person.

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