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03.06.2006, 16:43 quote


What a male looks for in a female depends on his state of maturity, his state of mentality, and his status generally.

For a young not very mature single male it is probably love. Pretty much any girl can score with this male if they are manipulative enough. Even then, they do not need to be manipulative just go to Ibiza or Majorca and you will get one on the beach easy.

For a slightly older, more mature single male it is still probably love. They may be more discerning regarding who they are seen out in public with though. However, if it is just love you are after you will succeed with this male as well. Due to their increasing maturity, they may also be interested in your personality a little.

A mature single male will still probably want love as well. However, they may want children by this point. In which case they might be looking for someone with the maturity to cope with children, and to fit into their life or vice versa. Therefore, good looks become secondary to maturity and child bearing potential.

A mature single male who has given up on the possiblility of the Governement recognising his existence is likely to be a terrorist. Some immature single males are terrorists as well, but they are probably being controlled by older single males.

Any male who thinks they are married ought to wait and see what happens when a change of Government occurs and the Government does not recognise your existence. Marital status is a misonomer, there are people who have the support of Government and currently look after children of the Government in power.

Does this help in what men look for in a woman Question


03.06.2006, 20:12 quote


simple romance plus if shes not mental


05.06.2006, 05:26 quote


jamesob wrote:
3 things , are u ready .... :




we may throw some personality in there if ur lucky Laughing


05.06.2006, 08:20 quote


hahaha....Smile. least he was honest..I have all three Wink score.


05.06.2006, 20:29 quote


It would be a lie to say that men don't care about appearance, but like someone else pointed out men's tastes are broadly defined by their age, eg: a 19 year old lad is prolly not going to look further than what his mates would think of any woman he is with (seriously) and wether he is likely to get any action.

Whereas by the time a man reaches his mid-20s I think thats about as far as we ever mature Wink By this point (at least personally) it is more about wether that person interests you on a more intellectual level. Believe me, if all a woman has to talk about is tv shows and how much she hates jordan then I doubt most worthwhile guys would give her more than an evening's attention.

Personally I'm a great believer in what Nick Hornby says: it is what we like that defines us, shared interests and tastes (how many metal fans are partnered with <insert pop-idol winner of the week here> fans, or how many men who read would share their lives with someone who thinks roadsigns are more than their attention span can handle?)

My own experience however leads me to believe that I am only attracted to women who either don't know I exist or are unnatainable. I bet I'm not alone there Wink


06.06.2006, 15:09 quote


There are no set thing someone is looking for. But a confident women always do 'pull'.

I find confidence is the key to getting a guy/gal. But looks are the main thing that you would look for on club pulling, now if your friends with someone and they have a nice personality that can be a great turn on. I love hanging with cool women.


06.06.2006, 19:00 quote


As most have said, it depends on the individual on what they look for in a woman.

What i look for in a woman,in order no less...

1. Intelligence
2. Personality
3. Loyalty
4. Femininity
5. Appearance


07.06.2006, 16:58 quote


Someone to look beyond the looks of a guy and try to find out what is really their (if that sounds right) personnality, smile, honesty and reliable


07.06.2006, 17:32 quote


Need more men to answer this question, seems like its mostly women doing the talking (sorry ladies), we have a post saying what we are looking for, LETS GO GUYS WHATS THE PROBLEM TOO SHY LETS BE HONEST.


10.06.2006, 01:17 quote


If we are honest it depends where we meet them, i would usually start to chat to someone i thought was up for a laugh and attractive. I cant stand girls who are very pretty yet cant make the effort to say hello, they think they are above themselves, and me personally would leave them no matter how pretty they were.

I dont mind shy women, i think a shy women needs a little attention and after a few moments chatting to them they sudenlly become more confident, if they dont and you try hard, they are and always will be just boring!

Personal appearance is what i love, if they actually care how they look, and make an effort then its good. But i do have a habbit of making them chill and be comfortable with themselves.


11.06.2006, 17:17 quote


Personaly I'm looking for someone who has the same kinda interests in like music / tv, going out, adventures personality, someone willing to be seen in a classic land rover, and who might want to go camping, shooting, holidaying etc.

I agree with pip above, on the looks are necessary, but not fundamental.
Manners are important, but not over the top polite.

Someone who's honest in a relationship. someone willing to do random things, is my kinda girl.

That's bout it for me...


12.06.2006, 10:57 quote


my view is; honesty, trust, loyalty, integrity, chemistry, personality, caring, fun, interesting, loving and most of all the best friend any man could ever have.
Isnt it basically what women look for in a man or what anyone in any relationship looks for in a partner?
Looks are important as are size but not the be and end all. I would hedge bets on the inner person being more important. I dont care how pretty a woman is I dont wanna be played or used and abused. just not interested in outer beauty with no substance, in fact I would be cautious of someone who was too attractive. Maybe because men run around after em and they always get what they want rather than appreciating or having to work for what they get.

I suppose it also important that they love u equally and that neither one has the upper hand. ie I want a buddy who I can talk about anything with and who can do the same with me and is on the same wavelength.


15.06.2006, 09:29 quote


TheDoc64 wrote:

Thats such a shame. At the end of the day be who you are happy being and then you will meet someone that loves you for who you realy are rather than who you think they would rather you are. I hate shallowness. How many people make love to a persons body or make love to their mind. I know which it is for me!

It's difficult to be 17/18 and a size 16, when everybody else you know are like a size 8. But I do feel a lot happier now.


15.06.2006, 12:37 quote


Don't worry, they'll drop a couple of sprogs and pile on the pounds.

Confidence is the was forward, thought I do like a wicked glint


15.06.2006, 12:41 quote


whizzer wrote:
Don't worry, they'll drop a couple of sprogs and pile on the pounds.

Confidence is the was forward, thought I do like a wicked glint

I'm talking about like 1 or 2 years ago. Most of them do actually have kids now.

(hopefully that won't happen to me.)

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