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awwww im sure theres lots of girls out there who are interested if they just go on pictures then they clearly aint worth meeting anyway and i wouldnt say u look like a troll dont be so hard on yourself theres someone out there for everyone


16.08.2011, 16:06 quote


I think we are all beautiful in our own way. What one person may like, another person may hate…With that being said yes a picture does help and it does not make you shallow, by no means. Its there as a marker, we can all talk to people and get along great with them (as friends) but….you have to be sexually attracted to a person in order for you to build on any type of relationship on a physically and emotionally level.

A person could be extremely good looking but if he is a jerk his looks quickly fade and most women will stay away (unless they like that kind of thing). If you have an average person, to the one that he attracts his looks will only improve. There is some truth to the words ‘Love is Blind’Smile Patience is key. Good things come to those who wait!


18.08.2011, 23:03 quote


Call me shallow but for me no pic- no reply.

My reasoning?.. Far too many married men just looking to take their their chances on a little 'extra curricular'.

I understand this may not always be the case and there are some genuine people out there, But if you need to hide there is usually a reason for it.

We're all on here because we're unlucky in love elsewhere so why hide?, gotta be in it to win it so stop hiding ! xx Very Happy


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shere92 wrote:
And that, children, is what we call a ball-breaking orgasm!!!

ha ha ha tut tut x

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