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OK, so what happens next? I mean, you've dated, you've had like/fancy each other. When is a good time to decide to move in together? It's all a bit odd to me. I have lived with other boyfriends before but it didn't work out. Now I think that I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to moving in with someone new, because I have done it before but is that a good thing? and how do people feel about it that have never lived with anyone new? now that must be a scary thought! any opinions please?


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hmmm, I can understand what you mean. I think you have to sacrifice some things you love ...for the one you love? and keep things organised so you both know what is going on (saves arguing). Then I guess slowly you can build a home/lifestyle together? I don't think you can expect to fit into each others lives miraculously..I suppose it takes time. who knows!


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s6boystu wrote:
the last person i lived with, we didn't exactly talk about it, it just kinda happened. From staying the weekend, to leaving some stuff 'just in case' and after a while, it just feels so normal having there that ya kinda forget about it. I think it'd also depend on who's moving in with who.

Bloke moving in to a womans house is always gonna be bad news as all his 'cool' stuff would get binned while he wasn't looking ! Laughing

"where's my favourite shirts?"

"dunno.. i haven't seen 'em" Rolling Eyes

"I'm sure they're here somewhere"

"maybe you left them behind?" *snigger*


ha ha, yeah, like 'where are my favorite pants with the holes in?'

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