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11.08.2011, 18:28 quote


He never too me anywhere nice for dinner UT
And another ex didn't dress himself very well, and I absolutely love to get dressed up and pretty, so whenever we went out people were lookng at us like "why the hell is SHE with HIM?" I heard 2 guys once saying "She should be with a real man." I thought it to be mean at the time, but now I realize they were completely on the ball lol.


11.08.2011, 20:29 quote


Over it why would u want to open a topic about exs on a dating site who cares


16.08.2011, 15:38 quote


But I've got the perfect line to sum up my response, compliments of Mr.Terry Bush (Littlest Hobo)

"Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on".


10.12.2011, 21:01 quote


Where's my money?


11.12.2011, 09:59 quote


complete wreckhead, but really nice bloke. I don't understand why he's the way he is but I hope he sorts himself out or atleast looks after himself more.

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