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Well I only like dating younger men and anyone I have met does not seem to have a problem with the age thing. To be honest I am more paranoid than them about it,, but as they say age is only a number. If someone is mature, can hold a sensible conversation and make me laugh I will chat with them. I think it has more to do with the chemistry between the people involved rather than the age.


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hi..i thought this link may help in answering your question as its along the same lines..

personally...age is not a barrier..


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53846 summed it up. Take a peek at the other thread?


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sodamhall wrote:
O.k am I being realistic as im looking for a woman between 20-25 do woman ever look for a younger guy or would you date someone younger than you?

Well the importance of age does change as you get older. 5 years gap at 21 is huge but at my age (41) it is nothing. I would like to date a younger man, but not too much younger!!


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It would be pretty difficult to date somebody younger than I am!

I don't see anything wrong with dating younger guys. (I personally wouldn't, but I don't see why others shouldn't)


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I have dated a guy of 26 (love was fantastic...but that was about all we had in common) and a guy of 66 (love was still pretty good...not quite so much of it and we had loads of other interests and things to do together. Thing is I kept looking at him and thinking how old he looked/sounded. I dumped him before I started to feel that age too!
Age is just a number....but obviously the older someone is the more life they have had and can share with you.


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Never been lucky enough to have an older woman come on to me, sadly. Wouldn't mind though, especially if she was Jill Halfpenny or Carol Vorderman. rowr.


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Most of my past boyfriends have been younger than me. Not something I have gone looking for, just happened.


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depends whether there is an attraction there... age is of no consequence.

i'm sure some woman will snap u up...ur a cutie!


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In my whole life i have only ever dated 1 man who was older than me. I dont know why younger guy ask me out. My friends tell me its because i dont look my age and i am good fun to be around so i always get asked out by younger guys. I dont have a problem with younger guys. Age is only a number. As long as the age gap isnt too big then you should still have some things in common


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YourManForever wrote:
I have to agree that it's all down to whether or not the other person floats your boat. Personally, i've had 4 relationships and they were all older than myself by 14yrs, 17yrs, 3yrs and 8yrs. I think it has a lot to do with the fact i was bald at age 23 so look much older than my true age. Taking the age thing the other way, the last time i mailed a 19yr old, she mailed back something like "do you know my dad or something?". Considering i'm 31 so only 12yrs older, i found that quite insulting.

Incidentally, women in their early 40's are highly recommended!


Some girls Rolling Eyes


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YourManForever wrote:
flowerangelaura wrote:

Some girls Rolling Eyes

Yup, i'm afraid that's the kind of selfish/bitchy society we live in nowadays. I decided after my last relationship that i should date a younger girl. 2yrs later i'm still looking! lol


Some of my friends think i'm mad for liking older guys. But you should see some of the 17/18/19 year old idiots they go out with Rolling Eyes


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when I was in my teens I preferred to date guys who were a bit older. Now it wouldn't worry me too much I would rather judge somebody on how well we got on than to check out the date on their birth certificate first


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YourManForever wrote:

I know what you mean. I see loads of couples who put up with all kinds of shitty mind games, sleeping around, etc but they seem to thrive on that sort of thing. I guess it all relates back to the thread i started a few weeks ago - "can a partner be TOO nice?". The majority voted "yes" so those of us who are genuine are not really the "in" thing at the mo. At least old fashions come round again so maybe one day, people will get sick of this "me, me, me" society and then WE'LL be the "in" thing. Wink

I was one of the minority that voted that you can't be too nice.

Some people...seriously. My friends choose to go out with 18 year old guys that think they are gods gift to women or whatever, and then they come whining to me about these guys because they have been hurt by them.

I try to be sympathetic towards them, but it's difficult. And then the next day, they have either found a new asshole to treat them like dirt, or they have gone back to the old asshole that they were whining about. over.


07.08.2006, 19:01 quote


YourManForever wrote:

Oh god yes, i've done that hundreds of times with friends, etc. To be fair, i'm not particularly sympathetic. I can normally spot a liar/cheater/asshole/wanker/tosser/bitch (delete as applicable) at first glance and definately after you get to know the way they do and say things. I then mention to the friend "i don't trust her" or whatever. Sure enough, 6 months/12 months/whatever, later they part because she was sleeping around or getting bitchy, etc. To be fair, i have a very small circle of friends but there's a lot of trust/respect between us. I'd rather have 2 friends like that than a 100 of the modern age tossers. lol

I don't have too many friends. There's my best friends, and then there's the ones I go drinking/go to football matches with.

Funnily enough, I only have like 2 female friends. The rest are male, and I actually trust the male ones more than the females. And they trust my judgement on stuff like that.

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