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10.07.2006, 14:55 quote


I haven't met anybody - Yet.


10.07.2006, 14:56 quote


i have and it went well. She is now a very good friend of mine. As long as your sure you know the person im sure it will be fine.


10.07.2006, 14:58 quote


I don't know.

I'm pretty wary of meeting people from online.


10.07.2006, 15:32 quote


I've met two girls from flirtbox.

They're both great.

Nerves are always going to exist a little, but make sure before you arrange to meet someone that you've spoken to them on the phone. You'd be amazed how much hearing someone's voice can change things - or simply reassure you Smile


10.07.2006, 15:34 quote


Hi SexyAnniexXx, have you spoken on the phone yet?


10.07.2006, 15:41 quote


Go for a night down the Bingo, you can't go wrong! Smile

"Kelly's eye, number 1!" Very Happy


10.07.2006, 15:52 quote


i met an old boyfreind on here about a year ago...
it went really well, we just lost intrest in each other, but i agree do lots of emailing and chating 1st to really get to know them


10.07.2006, 16:37 quote


wellllllll..the WORST that could happen is that you are raped, murdered and chopped into lil itty bits to be slowly posted home to your family. (not being gender specific here either...)
but i hafta say i did meet two guys off this site and it went well. we met in coffee shops and had a few laughs. i dated them for a while (not at the same time lmao) and we still chat. actually i met one of them lasnt for a bday drink.

the only thing you have to do besides being sure you WANT to meet them is make sure you are SAFE!
best of luck and hope it all goes well for ya. Very Happy


11.07.2006, 07:57 quote


Get a mate to call you a little while into the date. Firstly they can check you're ok, but they can also give you an excuse to 'escape' if you feel the need to.


11.07.2006, 08:03 quote


Just remember to meet in a public place. I actually met someone off here after talking to them for over 6months, but have met others from online after like 2weeks lol.

Both went great, and both are really good mates of mine now. I wasnt meeting them for anything more than friendship, so maybe thats where it differs, and both are uni students.

Id just say see them, listen to them and then make up your mind, but dont be scared because you will be nervous when you meet them.


11.07.2006, 08:17 quote


You'll just have to see how you feel when you meet them. I dated a guy (from a different site) for almost a year after only ever e mailing him. I met a guy from this site after talking on the phone every day for a few weeks but when we met...nothing!


11.07.2006, 09:01 quote


ScotInCornwall wrote:
Safety is your top priority.

Yes, get a friend to call you after maybe 20 minutes and again after an hour, so you can pretend it's a friend with an emergency and bugger off if you want to.
That's what I meant but was too polite to say lol Laughing


05.08.2006, 14:30 quote


I have never met anyone from flirtbox, haven't tried to arrange anything to be honest. But the advice above seems to be sound, chat on the phone, see them on webcam etc etc


05.08.2006, 14:58 quote


I took a flight to London just to meet some weekend last year - and I must say, it was really worth it! It was a really cool weekend. We shared a hotel room...but we are "only" friends ....hopefully we meet again soon.

I also met another girl in London once...we spend about half a day travelling around in London's buses. I was shocked at first as she didnt look like on the picture at all and admittedly she looked like a real minger..I know it sounds mean. It was ok though and thought we might end up being "friends" too or something - but strangely she never answered the phone again afterwards...really odd. A couple of months later she still had her "old" picture up on the website - trying to date other men....if she had a more recent picture up there I guess she would get less replies but only of people who would also probably fancy her.

Once I met a girl who lived in the same town..she didnt have a picture on here profile so it was a blind date....we also havent sent many messages before we met. Interesting date...but nothing that lead anywhere....

Looking forward to meeting Germancutie, Danni82 and Labello


05.08.2006, 16:52 quote


I have met quite a few men from Flirtbox over the past year, most of whom I still chat too and one I see regularly. It took a lot of courage to meet the very first person as I had just come out of a very long mariage but he was a real gent and we got on like a house on fire. Since then, I have thought "what the hell" I have nothing to lose but lots of friends to gain, so go for it girl!!

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