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22.03.2007, 10:38 quote


Personally, I'd love it if a woman made the first move.

I think most men would like it, even if they said they didn't, because it would be a great ego boost. Not that some people need it, but still.


22.03.2007, 11:28 quote


i prefer it. that way I know they must like me.


22.03.2007, 11:54 quote


snidey wrote:
I would be grateful for anyone to contact me

Actually I don't think most men mind at all but a minority will think it's, as stated a sure bet for love
haha holy shit! long time no see!!!


22.03.2007, 14:58 quote


snidey wrote:
guitargirl wrote:
haha holy shit! long time no see!!!

Afternoon young lady - presume youve given up on them other sites too
Hello there, lovely to see you again. Yeah I was binned from LIM a year or so ago. Im just here chatting shit now. How are you?


22.03.2007, 16:37 quote


More new faces ......... hi snidey, welcome to the forums


22.03.2007, 19:42 quote


Hello and welcome snidey


22.03.2007, 22:32 quote


I'm sure a lot of men wants to be in the driver seat and control things but I don't mind. Very Happy
Women that play hard to get should not be surprised when they're not gotten. Some men are lazy, other have too much respect to be pushy. We don't want to come off as stalkers.

Let's meet halfway people Exclamation


24.03.2007, 13:24 quote


susiexxx wrote:
If your attracted to someone ..then why let them get away!!..So yeah no problem in making the first move Wink

Completely agree but it's a lot easier to do it on a site than face to face for most women, me being one of them Embarassed


24.03.2007, 17:42 quote


irishlgirl74 wrote:
irishsteveadams wrote:
I love it if women make the first move. Women never do it enough, esp in bars/clubs etc!

its one thing for me 2 make first move on here, as its not face 2 face but 2 do it in a bar or a club omg no way, jus wouldnt have the nerve lol

so basically just shows how both sexes feel, and behave in the excate same way...


24.03.2007, 20:18 quote


i like a woman with confidence who will make the fist move,


24.03.2007, 20:23 quote


Dude! That should go int the fetish topic!

make the fist move,


24.03.2007, 20:27 quote


say what?


24.03.2007, 22:46 quote


when it comes down to it most people have fears of some sort of the other


26.03.2007, 16:30 quote


its a question of meeting people who put your fears to rest. its like jigsaw pieces fitting together. if they dont fit it aint gonna work. two people may have the same fears but at least one of them has to be able to get over them in order to reassure the other. i've been there when it didnt happen & it was a nightmare for both of us Confused


27.03.2007, 16:49 quote


Im happy to mail blokes, and id be happy to ask a bloke out in the real world as well, they can only say no, then id just run off and cry Confused

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