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01.04.2010, 11:15 quote


whysoserious1983 wrote:
Tonight I've found myself getting angry at a person that is usually not the type of person I take any notice of, but I have been informed she's going to be a part of our group at Hop Farm, which I don't like.
Also been playing Guitar Hero some more.

now theres an offer has alot to live up to though dublin and turkey are pertty damn good


02.04.2010, 00:43 quote


emmzz wrote:
Ah, Dublin's not that good. There are better places in the world!

haha dont ruin my plan the better he thinks it is the more he has to live up to


30.05.2010, 22:35 quote


Tonight I am having a couple of beers whilst working on my photos...


03.06.2010, 19:04 quote


Tonight I am mounting some prints that arrived a couple of days ago.


05.06.2010, 12:04 quote


Tonight I am going to a family barbecue.


02.07.2010, 19:09 quote


Tonight I am sampling a bottle of Theakston's Old Peculier....its not bad really beer


04.07.2010, 16:45 quote


Tonight I am going back to that lavender field about 9pm to photograph it during the sunset.


19.09.2010, 23:10 quote


tonight i am making a comeback to this site and am off to stay me thinks..


05.11.2010, 20:59 quote


Tonight I'm wishing I had a date for tomorrow night! But guess I'll just wing it and see what happens if I dare to go out alone...


02.01.2011, 17:18 quote


Hmmm, a golden angel - that sounds like protection and a new direction.
What do you think?


01.08.2011, 00:47 quote


Tonight I'm gonna eat a big dinner. Then afterwards, I'm gonna go for a shit! Smile Beat that!

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