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12.08.2009, 07:03 quote


darkhorse57 wrote:
Tonight I noticed that there's a troll in the Sexy Accents topic. Articulate, but a troll nonetheless. I'm so glad I don't spend much time here anymore

Come off it DH I aint that bad am I? Razz


13.08.2009, 17:00 quote


Tonight I feel happy that I have not got to go to work tomorrow.


14.08.2009, 09:53 quote


corazones2rotos wrote:

That is very sweet of your daughter!! You should be very proud of her!! My daughter passed away almost six years ago at the age of 12. I miss her more every day. She had Adrenal Cancer. I would not wish this for any mother. I am proud of your daughter as well. Maybe one day no one will have to know the pain and loss of someone that they love to cancer.

That is really sad, sorry to hear that you lost your daughter Sad


17.08.2009, 09:26 quote


Tonight I need to go cycling


18.08.2009, 21:33 quote


Tonight, earlier this evening I made an amazing Biryani and as always after a curry I craved some chocolate. So I decided to do a line.....

Of cadburys dairy milk that is


19.08.2009, 19:40 quote


Tonight I think I may just delete my account on this website. The site owner doesn't want to know. The mods don't want to know, the mods have been scared off by anal retards and the site is running as slow as marry!


28.08.2009, 09:57 quote


Tonight I have a 2nd date and she is coming to mine for takeaway Very Happy


29.08.2009, 18:30 quote


tonight i have had a curry, a couple of beers too. Just waiting for my best mate to get here and get a few more beers down me. I love afew beers in quality company Smile


01.09.2009, 16:38 quote


Tonight I am going to work out, have a nice dinner and then chill out Cool


02.09.2009, 21:00 quote


Tonight I have put the central heating on as its wet and windy outside and a bit chilly indoors. It was dark at 7.30pm tonight so Autumn is almost here Razz


03.09.2009, 16:36 quote


Tonight I am gonna tidy up my living room, cook a great meal and call a few people to catch up on the goss


08.09.2009, 21:04 quote


Tonight I went in the chatroom for half an hour.... about as long as I can stand it for unfortunately Confused


11.09.2009, 18:19 quote


Tonight I am enjoying some me time after a hectic week Smile


14.09.2009, 22:16 quote


mirrorpool wrote:

Tonight I have been arranging a little trip for myself and went against everything I'd thought I wouldn't do again, but I've had some strong feelings and had to follow my intuition.

Oooh how exciting, its him isn't it?


15.09.2009, 18:51 quote


mirrorpool wrote:
Ha! Yes it is Scott. Most people will think I'm mad, but my intuition tells me that we have unfinished business and although some of his life dramas seem a bit far fetched, I know my life has appeared like that to others too, so I'm following it through to completetion ....whenever/whatever that will be.

I thought it would be Sue, that's great, I hope whatever happens leaves you happier Very Happy

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