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22.09.2008, 10:08 quote


welcome Mimi hope you have fun here, congrats with the channel thing i cant even swim, well not propperly i can do the doggy paddle haha


22.09.2008, 16:43 quote


Thanks ! And a special HELLO to you, Heidi!


22.09.2008, 17:36 quote


DeepthroatH wrote:
Hi Mimi - welcome to Flirt Box. Its full of psychos, nymphomaniacs and psychotic mentals.

Thanks - lets see if I can cope with it

and Hello Dom ...

DeepthroatH wrote:
and Mimi - what a fine specimen. Ahem. Actually, bears a large resemblance to Dom.

... can't see any marked similarities so far, but lets don't judge on the objectiveness of pictures


03.10.2008, 23:35 quote


Hi to all the new posters I missed lately Very Happy


24.10.2008, 11:46 quote


Hi everyone, I'm Vince.

Looking forward to many stimulating and rewarding posts-and maybe some fun with the pretty ladies.


24.10.2008, 17:47 quote


LittleVixen wrote:
Hi Emma & Vince

Hi LittleVixen and mimib.

How is everyone this evening? The weather's turning a bit lately. Noticed it on Wednesday. Though it was 11 am, it was still like about 7. Never really heated up at all that day. Still, we do get the best of the worst of English weather down here in Kent!


24.10.2008, 21:12 quote


mimib wrote: weather report from kent... I need a heater for the top roof terrasse!

Figured out a way to dispense with heating altogether. i prop myself up in bed and wear a wooly hat! Besides, all my house money's going on electric for the broadband!


24.10.2008, 21:13 quote


Hi Ed


24.10.2008, 21:14 quote


Hello to all the newbies.....and welcome


29.12.2008, 14:19 quote


Hi Jim, Sercan and redimp... smile


15.02.2009, 12:47 quote


Hey, I'm Gunel Smile

nice 2 meet u all Cool


20.02.2009, 17:34 quote


Hello everyone.

My Name is Tasha and I am new to this site today.

Hoping to meet lots of fun people to chat with!


20.02.2009, 17:39 quote


Hi Kadushu!


11.05.2009, 19:54 quote


Hiii i'm new too Smile and i'm nice, i promise x


23.05.2009, 11:53 quote


Just dropping by to say Hi,
I'm lotus07 (or lo for short) & my name's stefi.
My son gave me the link for this place & I'm glad he did now!
Look forwards to chatting with you all! Very Happy

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