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05.03.2010, 22:26 quote


thats not good do have you changed your medication?

oh yeh on topic im feeling goooood


18.03.2010, 14:46 quote


aw good luck stu have fun and let me know how you get on


20.03.2010, 11:06 quote




24.03.2010, 21:39 quote


In a funny mood ffs. Must be the withdrawal...


25.03.2010, 17:17 quote




26.03.2010, 12:41 quote


im feeling very strange and confused


28.03.2010, 07:31 quote


hung over


28.03.2010, 17:10 quote


s6boystu wrote:
hmn... i guess thoroughly fucked off just about covers it. Evil or Very Mad

aww stu my dear whats up


28.03.2010, 17:13 quote


i dont know its wierd for the past few days i keep getting random little dizzy spells no idea why and im even questioning my self like am i just imaganing them


28.03.2010, 17:22 quote


nah no ear ache and im drinking same as what i always do maybe i realy am going crazy this time ha


04.04.2010, 11:35 quote


yes me to need someone to go out with


04.04.2010, 12:19 quote


whysoserious1983 wrote:
xkatie6x wrote:
yes me to need someone to go out with

I keep offering to take you to the cinema, but you haven't rung my buzzer once yet.

aww i would but i dont know your buzzer number and i wont have enough time to get there and back


13.04.2010, 06:32 quote


horny and unhappy.

I'm unhappy because I'm horny and wanna get a release. Twisted Evil Wink


29.04.2010, 20:09 quote


stressed, confused i feel like a bitch but its not my fault


05.01.2011, 10:19 quote


I'm feeling blimmin' hot - although it's been raining here since Christmas, it's still really hot (about 28 degrees Celsius - I guess that's about 86 degrees F) and it's also really humid! burn

Bet all you boys thought I was talking about something other than the weather when you read those first 4 words! Razz

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